My name is Anita Kaul. I am an Indian based in Bangkok for last eighteen years. I came to Bangkok for my honeymoon and loved this beautiful city and decided to settle down here.The city which is popularly known as “The Land of Smiles “ is a home to me.
I originally hail from a Kashmiri Pandit family in India. Born and brought up in India, I always had a dream to travel the world and explore the different lifestyles and cultures of people and learn from them.This dream came true and I found myself in the Beautiful city of Bangkok which has a rich cultural heritage same as India. The people of this country are so warm and follow Buddhism . Thai language has many influences from our indian language Sanskrit and the city has a great cosmopolitan vibe which is very interesting. I am married to a hotelier who has has created some of the iconic tourist destinations in Bangkok and redefined luxury and changed the hospitality trends in Bangkok.This gave me the opportunity to travel to the most exotic destinations around the world and experience luxury as a lifestyle.And get to see and meet many accomplished people who are veterans in their fields like fashion and jewelry designers, hospitality moguls, fitness, beauty and lifestyle experts. So I thought of sharing my interesting experiences with all of you there and came up with the idea of doing my personal blog. My blog will be based on my firsthand experience. I will be writing about fashion trends, jewelry , fitness, lifestyle, exotic destinations , beauty tips in my blog. I strongly believe dream high and work hard to achieve your dreams .Nothing is impossible if you have the right conviction and a passion to follow. Disclaimer : My blog will be based on my firsthand experience and would be from a perspective of a customer or a consumer who had invested in these brands and goods and is a proud owner of them.The exotic destinations and hotels which I will be featuring in my blog will be the ones which I visit on my my vacation and all the expenses are borne by me.