The Timeless Romance of Chikankari

Chikankari is the traditional style of embroidery which is one of Lucknow’s ( state in India ) most ancient and renowned art forms , and was introduced by the Mughals . This particular style of embroidery was inspired by the intricate carving patterns of Mughal architecture during their period of rule in India .


Clad in the Beautiful Chikankari Lehanga in Pastel Pink from House of Kotwara.


Chikankari which hails from Lucknow (state in India ) is older than two hundred years and was immensely popular among the Nawabs and Royal Families who patronized this form of art. It is still very popular with the Indian Designers till date who have now blended this particular embroidery in their contemporary designs and modern silhouettes .



Chikankari looks beautiful when enhanced with Swarovski , Pearls and zardozi embellishments .



Chikankari was immensely popular and was patronized by Nawabs and Royal Families in India .


The modern indian designers have enhanced the beauty of Chikankari by using it in combination with zardozi (gold embroidery) , pearls (moti ), swarovski crystals and sequins in their designs. People from all stratas and different class of indian society love to wear outfits with Chikankari work . It is immensely popular with the elite as well as middle class families of India who love to adorn the handcrafted ensembles with Chikankari .


In love with this Chikankari Ensemble embellished with white pearls, zardozi and Swarovski Crystals from House of Kotwara .



My Favorite Ensemble from House of Kotwara embellished with Pearls , Zardozi and Swarovski Crystals .



Some Ensembles Are Never Out Of Fashion, They Become Heirloom With Time .



Chikankari Ensemble from House of Kotwara by Meera, Sama and Muzaffar Ali .



The Timeless Romance of Chikankari by House of Kotwara.