Jaipur the Hub of Indian Jewelry

Photograph by Lensnmatter (https://flic.kr/p/EpuURU)
Jaipur popularly known as the pink city located in Rajasthan is considered as one of the most exotic destinations to visit in India. The city is known for its beautiful palaces, temples and forts. The Amer Fort, Hawa Mahal, The City Palace, Jal Mahal, and Jantar Mantar observatory (UNESCO World Heritage Site) are some of the most interesting places to visit in Jaipur. The beautiful terra-cotta pink color of the buildings, the grand architecture of the Palaces and Forts surrounded by water is a spectacular sight to behold and a characteristic feature of this city. The visitors can see the alluring peacocks, the national bird of India and my all-time favorite, roaming all over the city. The peacock motif is very popular among the jewelers and can be seen in the jewelry pieces enameled in rich hues of blue and green.
The Iconic Hawa Mahal implying the Wind Palace is one of the most historic places to visit in Jaipur
Photograph by Thomas Bernard (https://flic.kr/p/2b2brkJ)
Jal Mahal meaning a Water Palace encompassed by the Picturesque Mountains and the Man Sagar Lake is a popular tourist attraction in Jaipur. The Royals of Jaipur are renowned for their extravagance and flamboyant lifestyle. I have always been intrigued by the fact that many of the famous international jewelry brands have created brilliant vintage pieces dedicated to this city. This led me to plan a visit to this vibrant city so rich in its cultural heritage. I remember in one of my trips to this charming city, I decided to visit the famous Johari Bazaar meaning a jewelry market which is known for its magnificent gems and jewelry.
Adorning my exquisite pieces of jewelry from Sunita Shekhawat Jaipur Collection. At the Ballroom of Lebua Bangkok.
I would like to mention the fact that one of the finest jewelry created in India is in Jaipur and many of the International jewelry brands like Boucheron and Cartier have also named their limited edition pieces as from ‘’Jaipur Collection.’’ Boucheron, an international brand came up with its high-end collection called Bleu de Jodhpur. Claire Choisne the creative director of Maison Boucheron came up with this collection being inspired by the enchanting city of Jodhpur (another vibrant city of Rajasthan ) and after meeting the Maharajah of Jodhpur his Highness Gaj Singh II.
Bleu de Jodhpur. Necklace Image courtesy: www.Boucheron.com
Boucheron launched its Collection Bleu de Jodhpur (another city in Rajasthan) and one of its first high-end jewelry reversible necklace comprising of kite diamond, marble, rock crystal and white gold paved with sapphires and diamonds. In the great tradition of the Boucheron ‘Question Mark ‘necklace, The Plume de Paon necklace reproduces the feather of a peacock, national bird of India, with diamond and marble elements, one of the exquisite pieces of their high end jewelry collection.
Plum de Paon Necklace with diamond and marble elements from Boucheron. Image courtesy: www.Boucheron.com
As we go down the memory lane Jaipur was and is still home to many royal families who owned many beautiful antique jewelry pieces. These pieces were passed on as heirlooms to many generations and many of them were bought by the International jewelry brands because of their impeccable designs and workmanship.
The Art of Meenakari, Photo Credit – Kundan Art Jewelry.
The jewelry of Jaipur is known for its unique enameling technique called meenakari which is used in their handcrafted pieces. Meenakari is the craft of ornamenting and enameling metal surfaces by painting and decorating them with marvelous designs in minerals and enamel.
At Lebua Bangkok wearing my favorite pieces of jewelry.
I particularly like the enameling and Meenakari work of Sunita Shekhawat from Jaipur. Her handcrafted pieces have an impeccable finesse with brilliant motifs and color palettes showcasing the Royal grandeur of the city. The modern meenakar uses beautiful hues and color palettes ranging from the pastels to vibrant ones for the jewelry and further enhances their beauty by using it in combination with colored gemstones, uncut diamonds called polki and pearls. The motifs or patterns too which are used for jewelry pieces are beautiful. They are inspired by nature like birds, floral and structural patterns which reflect the character of the city.
At St.Regis Hotel Florence – The Beauty of the Blue outfit by Moniquelhuilier is enhanced by the stunning timeless jewels by Sunita Shekhawat Jaipur.
The ring and bracelet which I am wearing in this picture are from the Neelpushp Collection by Sunita Shekhawat of Jaipur inspired by the blue mosque in Turkey. The Neelkamal shoulder dusters are inspired by the beauty of lotus flower. Kamal means lotus and Neel refers to the blue color. The shoulder dusters are indeed a piece of art with intricate petals and leaves in shades of soft pink and white, painted by the skillful artisans on a base of gold. . I remember a famous quote “Jewelry tells a story without even a single word – A non-verbal communication of style” as quoted by Michael Rosen West.
To conclude – My blog is a tribute to all those talented jewelry designers in Jaipur who create such splendid timeless pieces. I am proud to own such classic handcrafted jewelry from the Beautiful Pink City of Jaipur which is an epicenter of India’s rich cultural heritage and a city must visit in India. Disclaimer: All the outfits and jewelry worn by me in the above pictures are all from my own personal collection and owned by me.
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