The Realm of Fashion and Dreams

I have always been fascinated by stunning interiors and cascading chandeliers which enhance the lighting and add to the exuberance and opulence of any place. I usually try to shoot my pictures at exotic beautiful locales which leave an imprint on the mind and are engaging. For me luxury is not about owning expensive things be it expensive clothes , jewelry ,cars , or staying at exotic hotels. It’s about the whole experience and emotions which I can relate to. I usually love to highlight the grandeur of the lavish interiors, beautiful handcrafted jewelry ,accessories and embellished garments in my pictures so that the viewers can relate to the luxury experience and not see them as mere luxury goods .

Ball Room of Lebua Hotel Bangkok.

Lighting plays a crucial role when taking a picture during a shoot or filming a video. I particularly love the alluring interiors and subtle lighting of the Ball room at Lebua Hotel Bangkok . So I decided to shoot my pictures here and named the campaign for my blog as “The Royal Affair ”. The cascading crystal drop chandelier proved to be the perfect backdrop for my pictures . And the beautiful lighting played a significant role in highlighting my favorite blue palette jewelry from the Neelvarna Collection and Neelpushpa collection of Sunita Shekhawat Jaipur and embellished clothes in gold and silver hues from Dabiri Couture India .

Mezzaluna Bangkok.

Indian Couture is known for its impeccable workmanship and beautiful designs. Each ensemble is handcrafted , hand embroidered and takes a time frame of two to three months to finish . Right from conceiving and sketching a design for an outfit , working on its color palette, hand embroidery , embellishments , and its final finesse. That is why it’s rightly said handcrafted for eternity . The haute couture ensembles in dreamy hues and intricate embellishments can be preserved as heirlooms which can be passed on to the next generation.

Lebuahotelsresorts Bangkok.