lebua No.3

I got a call from one of my friends visiting Bangkok from India. “I am in Bangkok for one day , can you recommend me some happening place to visit this evening.” My prompt answer to her was Lebua No.3 at State Tower in Silom. The name sounds a little different, why do they call it Lebua No.3 ? She remarked ! I told her if you can have Chanel No.5 then why not Lebua No.3. Yes Guys, I am talking about the New Upscale World’s Tallest Gin, Caviar & Vodka Bar located on the 52nd floor of Tower Club at Lebua in Bangkok. All of you must be wondering what is so special about this bar compared to the other hip bars located in Bangkok.
The Swanky Gin , Caviar and Vodka Bar.
The scintillating unique design of the bar created by the award winning DWP design company is a sight to behold.The swanky bar comprises of indoor and outdoor areas for the guests where they can sip their favorite drinks gin or vodka amidst the breathtakingly beautiful views of the ChaoPhraya river and the city skyline.
World’s first P4 Digital Retina Display Floor.
I am in love with this dance floor which is the world’s first P4 digital retina display floor. The floor changes its beautiful display to different captivating designs which is a treat to the eyes. For most of the people eating caviar would mean a paradigm of luxury. But at Lebua No.3 it is available as an affordable luxury for all.The gleaming black caviar comes plated on a Himalayan salt spoon followed by a shot of vodka for a perfect pairing. Another treat for the vodka lovers is the fact that Absolute has created a special blend of Absolute Elyx in partnership with Pernod Ricard reserved only for Lebua and available nowhere else in the city.
Black Caviar on Himalayan Salt Spoon.
My favorite appetizers at Lebua No.3 are Crispy Four Fish Golden Egg Yolk and Typhoon Spiced Rice Crisp Black Bean, Garlic, Chili.  
Crispy Four Fish Golden Egg Yolk
Typhoon Spiced Rice Crisp Black Bean, Garlic, Chili
Passion Pong
  Not to mention the peppy music by the in-house DJ which is simply irresistible The bar has created the brand’s first album in partnership with chart topping international music producer Andrew Murray. The track is played nightly by no.3’s DJ in residence and is available for download.  
 Indoor Area of the Bar with the in-house DJ.
 Enjoying Bangkok’s skyline & Breathtaking View at Lebua No.3
  To Conclude Lebua No.3 stands tall amongst all other bars in Bangkok due to its luxury experience, impeccable service, breathtakingly beautiful views and exclusive blends of its drinks created and available only at this swanky hip Gin, Caviar & Vodka Bar. A unique experience cannot be missed.