London Dreams


I have always been fascinated by this beautiful City standing on the river Thames and intrigued by its majestic red brick and white buildings and the enchanting architecture of this amazing city. If I have to choose a city to reside other than Bangkok where I live, it will be London. Yes, there is something about this city its cosmopolitan vibe, the freshness, gastronomy, fashion, the art and culture, theatre which is really appealing and tantalizing. And not to forget the English Weather which is so unpredictable. Sometimes so bright and sunny, and at times wet and cold a total contrast.

Mayfair London

One of my favorite area to stay in London is the Mayfair and I usually prefer to stay at the Connaught Hotel London. The fabulous location of this hotel and it’s proximity to the Bond Street is one of the reasons I pick this hotel. Being a shopaholic, I find most of my favorite fashion boutiques next to the hotel like the Roland Mouret, Oscarderenta, Lanvin, Goyard, Gina, Christian LouboutinJenny Packham, Linda Farrow. And great dining restaurants like Scott’s, Hakkasan and Benaras in the neighborhood.

The Connaught Hotel at Mayfair London

I particularly love the interiors and the furnishings of this hotel which are so classy and aristocratic. Their deep mahogany and rosewood furniture with gold inlays and the classic paintings render a very posh aristocratic ambiance to this hotel. The hotel comprises of an old traditional wing and a contemporary modern one which the customers can choose according to their preferences. The hotel houses the famous Jean Georges terrace restaurant, Helene Darroze the two Michelin Star restaurant, Coburg Bar and the Connaught Bar.

In love with the Classic Furnishings and Beautiful Decors of the Connaught.

The Mahogany Wooden Staircase with Gold Accents and Carpets.

Another swanky fashion boutique which caught my fancy with its splendid merchandise, breathtakingly beautiful decors and impeccable service is the brand Dolcegabbana located on the Old Bond Street. Designed by the French designer Gwenaël Nicolas spanning six floors and housing men ‘s and women’s ready to wear, accessories, fine jewelry and watches is a stunning marvel. The black and white marble floor, the magnificent spiral staircase, the oriental style Gold mirrors on the wall along with the antique chairs upholstered with faded velvets and framed in carved golden wood is a sight to behold.

The spiral staircase with monochromatic black and white marble flooring in Dolcegabbana Store at Old Bond Street.
Dolcegabbana Store at Old Bond Street.

What truly impressed me at this store was the warmth and willingness of the staff to go an extra mile to make their customers happy. Speaking of myself, I am a very difficult client to please and generally take a very long time to decide my purchases. To ensure I am making a right choice. But I was amazed to see the patience and cooperation of the staff at this store and the impeccable service they delivered.

Embellished DG Women’s Shoes with colored stones and crystals look like a piece of art.

Coming to Men’s Fashion I particularly like the brand Angelo Galasso . I often joke with my husband if I was a man, I would wear only Angelo Galasso. No London Trip is complete without shopping from Angelo Galasso for my husband. I love the way they do the detailing on the collars and cuffs of their shirts, not to miss their beautiful buttons which shine as accessories on their shirts and jackets. They recently have launched their collection of shirts which has 24 carat gold plated buttons and silver buttons too. The brand has an amazing collection of alligator belts with jeweled gold plated buckles studded with stones and crystals. Their suede, velvet and alligator shoes are so chic and trendy at the same time.

At the Opulent Angelo Galasso Store in London.

Shirt with silver thread details and Embellished with Swarovski buttons from Angelo Galasso.

The Lavish Decors of the Angelo Galasso Store at Hans Street in London.

I always love checking out the Crystal Accessories at the Home Furnishing Section of Harrods in London. Baccarat and St.Louis are my all time favorite brands. Their innovative designs, the colored crystals, their luminescence and radiance are alluring. They always say the quality of good crystal is always reflected by its gleam and shine and the clarity with which it reflects the light.

The Stunning Crystal Lamp from St.Louis Paris.
The Magnificent Crystal Accessories from Baccarat.

To conclude I will only say London is undeniably one of the most fascinating and charming cities and my all time favorite destination . A City worth a visit to chill, relax, unwind , a gastronomic delight for food lovers and a shoppers paradise.