Luxury At Its Best

There is a famous saying that ” Beauty lies in the Eyes of the Beholder ” !! But to create a marvel which is extextraordinary, unique, and which instantly appeals to you and leaves an everlasting impression on you is not an easy task. This is exactly what one experiences when you visit the The Chefs Table, the new Contemporary French Restaurant launched by Lebua this week in Bangkok.



The Chefs Table

Everything about this restaurant from its Opulent Design, Impeccable Finish, Delicate Lighting is simply Spectacular. The Breathtakingly Beautiful Open Kitchen, with its magnificent white marble counter, luxurious cooking range of Molteni Stove in white with gold inlays and rose gold hood of the kitchen which is a blend of French Chateau and golden Thai stupa leaves you spellbound. It is the world’s first open kitchen where the guests can see what is being cooked without smelling the cooking aromas of the food. This spells out the beauty of the execution behind this immaculate open kitchen headed by the three Michelin Star Chef Vincent Thierry.

The World’s First Open Kitchen Restaurant.

The Magnificent Lighting And Splendor Of The Restaurant is Alluring.

There is a mysterious aura created by the splendid lighting done by the Thai designer Laurachai. Long Delicate Strings with crystal drops can be seen as wall hangings which bestows a subtle glow and sheen and lights up the restaurant. These Delicate strings have an ability to light up the whole place even in the absence of a powerful light resource as they can absorb and emit the natural light from the surroundings.

With the Star Chef Vincent Thierry of the Chefs Table.

Now with this grand and magnificent decors of the restaurant, the guests expectations are soaring high. Can the food served in the restaurant match up to the splendor and grandeur of the Chefs Table? But it is the Food cooked by Vincent Thierry and his fabulous team which emerges as a complete winner doing full justice to the opulence of this place. The crockery selected for each course of the meal is so Swanky and luxurious. The chef Vincent and his team cooks each course like a veteran with so much passion and expertise. Each course appears to be like a beautiful painting coming to life. The food is delicious and visually appealing at the same time. The food boasts of fresh and high quality ingredients retaining their distinct flavors at the same time. The beautiful natural colors of the food and its aroma is tantalizing.

Seasonal Vegetable Salad
Buckwheat Risotto Beetroot Texture
Seared Seabass Basil Buckwheat Risotto
Perigord Black Truffle Tart With Crushed Artichokes
The Delicate wine glass with Gorgeous Gold rimmed wine decanter.
Enjoying the Swanky Chefs Table A True Michelin Dining Experience.

Coming to the next wonder launched at Lebua Bangkok on Valentines last month is the Drop Dead Gorgeous Pink Bar. This beautiful and swanky bar is an epitome of luxury and romance. The mesmerizing decors of this bar from its luxurious furniture, upholstery, the wall finishings all are done in different hues and textures of pastel pink. The beautiful chairs of this bar have been designed like pink tulips.



The Pink Bar
The Splendid Pink Bar Decors in various Hues of Pastel Pink.

At the Stunning Lobby leading to the Pink Bar amidst my favorite Pink Roses.

The beautiful lobby leading to the Pink Bar has a magnificent display of pink roses arranged on mirror stands amidst the beautiful white piano and live music promising the guests an evening filled with romance and splendor. The indoor and the outdoor salons of the Pink Bar offers its guests a stunning view of the city skyline and Chaophraya river. Not to forget the mouthwatering delicacies and appetizers created by the chefs for this bar.

The bar boasts of its unique and exclusive list of champagnes which are not available elsewhere and have been created specially for this bar. The bar is the first Rare flagship and the Rare Rose Champagne is exclusively served here. It also houses a fabulous collection of France’s most in demand Prestige Champagne Cuvees. Comte’s de Dampierre, Le Brun de Neuville, Dosnon and Telmont are some of the other premium brands of champagne available at the Pink. Some of my favorite appetizers served at the Pink Bar are Strawberry Macaroons, Litchi and Pomelo Marmelade and Perigold black Truffle tart. For seafood lovers the Scallops and Oyester Tartar and Duck Foie Gras Terrine are interesting starters.

Lost in the Splendor of the Pink Bar.
Pink Bar the First Flagship for Rare Champagne.
Rare Rose Champagne is Exclusively Available At the Pink Bar.
Sakura Garden Cocktail
Why Me Cocktail.
Pink Bar Appetizers
Perigold Black Truffle Tart.
Litchi and Pomelo Marmelade.

To conclude I will say the opulence, ornateness, lavishness of The Chefs Table and the Pink Bar is truly remarkable. A beautiful concept executed so brilliantly with attention to details and unparalleled service, reflects a visionary ‘s masterpiece and Luxury at its Best. With the recent launch of two swanky bars Lebua No. 3, The Pink Bar and the lavish Chefs Table, Lebua has indeed become the World’s First Vertical Destination. It is my favorite Exotic Destinations in the world.